Can you learn and improve in golf online?

With the 2.0 revolution, online courses and all kinds of coaching that we can find on the Internet, many golfers wonder if golf is one of those sports that can be learned in front of a screen. Every day there are more golfers (mainly newcomers to the golf courses in Majorca) who ask the same […]

Do you need a golf teacher? Keys to find the best

Many golf courses have specialized professionals who can help you optimize your swing or have a better handicap among other skills. However, it is common that not knowing the figure of the golf teacher and also not knowing what we will find in during a lesson, it is harderfor us to decide to learn in […]

How to choose the best golf clubs: basic tips and recommendations

If you have already started in golf and want to get the most out of your level, it is essential to have a set of suitable clubs. Golf is a very particular sport, which tests the skill and patience of everyone who practices it. Therefore, it is essential to have a good material that suits […]

Backswing, downswing and follow-through: what they are and how to control them

You have already deduced that a good swing is not something that is born by chance, but that is acquired with learning and practice in one of the golf courses in Majorca. A good movement is gained with the experience and handling of each of its parts, backswing, downswing and follow-through. The first part, the […]

How to warm up and stretch before and after playing golf

Although it seems that golf is not a very physically demanding sport, some unexpected injury can always arise, especially if we do not properly prepare our body to execute the specific movements necessary to hit the ball. A good warm-up and stretching prior to your tee off any setback and believe it or not, in […]

European Challenge Tour Grand Final

This sport has many advantages for beginner or medium average players, but when you are an expert the benefits grow to a high level. One of the most significant recompenses is the opportunity to participate and win international tournaments and championships around the world, knowing fantastic places, enjoying magnificent conditions and earning generous prizes. This […]

What makes a golf course great?

The question related to what characteristics make perfect a course of golf in Majorca is, definitely, a little tricky one. Each player has a favorite field and maybe there are some places he does not like a lot, but it could be difficult to enumerate reasons to think that way. It is common that golfers […]

European Challenge Tour Grand Final

I’m sure you are aware of the exciting news about Club de Golf Alcanada hosting the Grand Final of the Challenge Tour 2019 (November 4-11, 2019). We would like to provide some further information regarding the event. Course access for members and alternative options during tournament week While some other host venues close for several […]

Alcanada Golf Restaurant

When you are planning where to go to play golf in Majorca next vacation, have you ever taken into account the gastronomy theme? Perhaps you do not do it until now and in the past only considered the course properties. However, you should start thinking about the food because in Alcanada Golf Club, besides the […]

Majorca a golf destination

The Balearic Islands have been ever chosen by also general and specific tourists. Their splendid weather all year round, white sandy beaches and gorgeous golf courses in Majorca make this spot an excellent choice for everybody. Haven’t you decided yet where to go this summer? Alcanada Golf Club, in the Alcudia Bay, is the answer […]