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Eco corner


In June 2020 our bee project was started. Our local beekeeper David, from “Mel Es Begot”, gives technical and professional support. 

In order to help maintain biodiversity, eight beehives with 40,000 bees were installed on land adjacent to the golf course. Of course, they are located far enough away from the holes to not be disturbed or disturb the golfers. Agustin Gamez, a member of our caddymaster team, has trained as a beekeeper and looks out for our little friends.

With this campaign we would like to contribute our part to the preservation of the bee population.


Club de Golf Alcanada adopted two donkeys in 2019. Baby donkey Luna was born to mum Estrella in 2020. Along with the third one, Tomeu, they are located nearby hole 13, helping us to keep the wooded area clean and thus being our official team of fire preventers – especially in the summer months. 

As donkeys basically eat all type of flowers, plants and bushes they are ideal for helping us to maintain a balanced flora and fauna.

Solar panels on
buggy fleet

In 2019, solar panels were installed on our 42 electric buggies by DAS-Energy from Austria. This means that the carts charge from dawn till dusk, even when in use on the golf course and not being plugged in. Apart from energy savings, another positive effect is the fact that the batteries in the buggies have a longer life as they never run empty.


In the late 1990s, the Balearic Islands became the first region in Spain to impose by law that golf courses must use recycled wastewater for irrigation.

 This means that all the water used at Alcanada comes from the wastewater treatment plant in Alcudia, water that would otherwise be pumped into the bay of Alcudia. Of course, the golf course only uses a small proportion of all treated water, and we hope that in the future more recycled water will be used in other settings: public parks, surrounding farmland, etc.

While a considerable volume of water is required on the island’s golf courses, especially in the hot summer months, Mallorca’s golf courses do not use potable water.

In fact, the water that is not absorbed by the grass and plants while watering the course is filtered through the soil and eventually turned back into drinking water, a scarce resource on an island like Mallorca. So, it could be said that golf in Mallorca is part of the solution, and not part of the problem, when it comes to water issues.

Car chargers

Club de Golf Alcanada offers four EV charging stations for both members and guests.

Drinking water

Plastic bottles for water were banned at Alcanada in 2019. Golfers can fill up their own water bottles at different points on the course. Additionally, water in TETRA bricks is offered. The Tetra Bricks are made out of recycled material and are 85% less harmful for the environment than plastic bottles.

Carbon footprint

From 2023, all companies in Spain with more than 50 employees must measure their “carbon footprint” and plan to further reduce their negative environmental impact.  Even though this law doesn´t apply to the Club de Golf Alcanada, we decided in 2021 to take part in this initiative voluntarily to further improve the sustainability of the course.