How to warm up and stretch before and after playing golf

Although it seems that golf is not a very physically demanding sport, some unexpected injury can always arise, especially if we do not properly prepare our body to execute the specific movements necessary to hit the ball.

A good warm-up and stretching prior to your tee off any setback and believe it or not, in the long run your general physical condition will thank you.

Why warm up before playing golf and stretching after the round?

The usual injuries in golf practice are usually:

• Joint pain and discomfort in the back, shoulders and knees.

• Tendonitis (especially in the elbow) caused by repeated hitting.

• Carpal tunnel syndrome: causes problems in the hands, as well as tingling and / or trembling.

These injuries occur in the golfer many times for not performing adequate warming before playing golf putting the joints under cold physical demand.

On the other hand, others are caused by excessive tension after finishing the practice of golf, this tension accumulates and without a final effective stretching, the lesions end up appearing.

For all this it is very important to heat and stretch in any golf practice.

How to warm up before playing golf

The ideal warm-up for golfers should last approximately 15 minutes and we will use, above all, joint mobility exercises, preparing all the joints of the body for all types of shots.

Some effective warm-up exercises for golfers:

• Make turns of arms forward and backward.

• Waist and knee twists.

• Taking the club by the head and with the arms extended we turn the wrists.

• Keeping the club by the head we will make the swing movement without hitting any ball. We will repeat this exercise about 15 times.

• Finally, hit the ball starting with short clubs to the driver.

Thanks to this we add precision and improve your aim, a few previous strokes can make your confidence grow before starting the game, try and you will not regret it.

On the other hand, it is also advisable to add several elasticity exercises, both of the lower and upper part of the body.

After this warm up to play golf and you’re ready to start.

How to stretch after playing golf

After the day or training, your body needs to relax and return to calm, for that stretching is the most effective way to achieve it.

We will focus the exercises on shoulders, back and legs, the body parts generally most affected by injuries to golfers.

• Place the elbow under the chin and stretch the shoulder, repeat this stretch with the other arm.

• With your legs together, lower your arms until you touch your toes.

• Grasp the head with one hand and carefully pull it forward and side and side.

These are three basic stretches that you must do once the game is over or even while you are playing, it can help relax the muscles and improve your game again.

Whether in the next tournament or in a regular practice in one of the golf courses in Majorca, never stop warming up and stretching properly, your body will thank you and your game too.

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