Can you learn and improve in golf online?

With the 2.0 revolution, online courses and all kinds of coaching that we can find on the Internet, many golfers wonder if golf is one of those sports that can be learned in front of a screen.

Every day there are more golfers (mainly newcomers to the golf courses in Majorca) who ask the same question:

Is it possible to learn and improve in golf online?

The answer is simple: learn from 0 to 100, NO.

Perfect your technique, learn faster and improve your skills as a golfer, YES this is possible.

Pros and cons of online training to play golf:


-You learn the basics: If you have just started in this sport that we are so passionate about, you will familiarize yourself with the basics such as: swing, handicap or Green, among others.

– You can see the lessons as many times as you want: Imagine that you take an online course and in the first lesson they teach you to place the grip (that is, to put your hands on the handle of the club correctly). If it is not clear to you at first you can rewind and watch the lesson as many times as you want. In a face-to-face lesson you would need to ask the pro, which can sometimes intimidate especially in group golf lessons.

– If you combine online training with a presential golf lesson you will learn faster: Since the teacher’s lessons will sound to you beforehand, it will also help you to review what you have learned.

– They usually have a very cheap price: The world of online golf academies is booming, you will find very good video courses at an acceptable price with which to test whether or not these lessons fit with your way of learning.


– In an online class we do not experience the sensations that are lived on the green: And although not much is said about it, this is an intuitive sport, the sensations and every detail of the environment influence the perfect swing.

– You do not have a teacher in front of you to correct your mistakes: Although some online courses have video classes where the teacher can see and correct you, it is not the most common.

– You usually cannot ask questions of the doubts that arise.

– It does not imply a direct practice: In a face-to-face class the student practices every movement he learns, from the simplest to the complete swing with its three phases. In an online golf lesson, you only watch the videos (usually from your home) and then you move to the course, which usually means less practice and we already know that practice makes perfect.

Our advice, especially if you are serious, is to combine online training with face-to-face classes. That way you enjoy the best of both worlds and we assure you that you will move faster than your teammates.

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