What makes a golf course great?

The question related to what characteristics make perfect a course of golf in Majorca is, definitely, a little tricky one. Each player has a favorite field and maybe there are some places he does not like a lot, but it could be difficult to enumerate reasons to think that way. It is common that golfers “feel” about it, even though it is impossible for them to give specific motives. Independently you cannot put into words your feelings; you will see certain features and identify them.

Systems that rate golf courses try to be objective but the truth is that always will have a kind of subjectivity in the evaluation. It is due to the fact that each field is unique and possesses the necessary features to be qualified that way. Some of them are situated close to mountains and others are next to the sea; link structures are hilly while there are flatter ones. From the game point of view, let’s check characteristics present the whole time but you may possibly not have perceived.

Objective evaluation of golf courses

• Aspect: this is a simple parameter, because it can be appreciated with a naked eye. Is the field well maintained? Conditions like budget, water availability and others could be an issue.

• Routing: it is a relevant design consideration. Which route do holes must be played? Every location has a predominant wind for the high season and most golf architects include it in their calculations.

For example, the par 4s must go in different directions to let players fight with diverse conditions (for or against wind). Holes should be designed to play in ways and lengths diversity in order to avoid golfers walking a group of similar features in succession. It could be a little boring and tiring. Variety is the goal.

• Design: to create a golf course is an art since it will have an exclusive and noticeable theme, structure and, also, style. How many bunkers or water hazards should be included? Where to place them? These are important questions to be considered; distribution, density, horizon lines, scale and arrangement, color composition and more are studied by the designer.

The real task is making a rational, well cohesive and coherent experience for players where the different clubs have to be used. A significant aspect is that the green should be right-angled; it means to be oriented in the sense that would return the greatest tee shot. Short holes and narrow fairways must run along, while lengthier ones ought to be accompanied by certain space off the tee.

• Continuity: holes arrangement needs to be in harmony with the surroundings; everything together conform a unique piece of background. “Replica” of famed ones through the route could interrupt steadiness and produce discomfort, because not only each of them requires adequate design but also the group must belong to the property.

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