Do you need a golf teacher? Keys to find the best

Many golf courses have specialized professionals who can help you optimize your swing or have a better handicap among other skills.

However, it is common that not knowing the figure of the golf teacher and also not knowing what we will find in during a lesson, it is harderfor us to decide to learn in this way.

The first thing you should know is that most golf courses in Majorca choose their professionals very well. The Alcanada golf academy, run by professional John Verhappen, offers personalized golf lessons and training courses for all levels.

And if you really want to improve and want to do it quickly, there is no better way than following the advice of a good instructor. Here are some signs that identify it:

Keys to identify a great golf teacher:

1- Ability to teach

Do you know what the biggest mistake is when choosing a golf teacher?

Choose the best player.

That a golfer can compete with Tiger Woods himself does not make him a teacher. On many occasions the best players are very good on the green, but they can rarely explain how they do it, and when they try, they usually don’t connect with us and in the end, we don’t understand them.

Golf teachers, besides being exceptional players, have the ability to transmit their knowledge. Find a teacher who combines talent for golf and for teaching, if you only have the first one there will be no feeling.

2- Empathy, but of the good

Empathy is the ability to put oneself in the place of the other, and the connection with the teacher is not only when he goes with you.

The true empathic ability of a teacher is to understand your needs and the best way to communicate with your students.

For example, imagine that you go with your best friend to classes with the aim of being handicap 3, but your friend only goes for the mere pleasure of being with you and enjoying outdoor sports.

A good golf teacher should capture this and focus his efforts on your goal, being as “hard” as necessary, but at the same time giving your friend more ease because he does not have such a high end.

3- Planning

Every good teacher must carry out an internal planning (that is, only he sees it) if he really wants the objectives to be fulfilled in time, when in addition the planning is external and he shares it with the students, we already talk about a teacher who is worth his weight in gold.

You should also understand that planning does not mean rigidity. That a golf teacher asks “What do you want to do today?” Is a very good sign that he cares about you as a student.

Not only will he be making the most fun golf class, he will also be knowing your doubts and wishes in this sport since, without realizing it, you will be expressing them with your answers.

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