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Green corner: the new ZOYSIA GEO grass

Borja Azpilicueta, director of golf course grounds at Alcanada, explains the benefits and characteristics of the new type of ZOYSIA GEO grass, which has been installed in the locker room yard and in the men’s and professional tees of the seventh hole.

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Improving access to the 10th hole

In keeping with the course improvement plan established by Alcanada Golf , we have been working during the last few months the access to the 10th hole. This work has entailed the replacement of the wooden walkway which linked the 9th hole to the 10th. Now, there is a Stone built bridge which not only is more stable (especially in times of heavy rains) but much more in keeping with the rural environment in which the course sits. In addition it provides a better service to customers and members of our golf course.

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Green Corner: Overseeding 2014

Like every winter in a few weeks the temperature will start to lower and our grass will gradually lose its green colour. As usual we will overseed fairways, tees and roughs in order to maintain the green colour all year round. This year we will overseed most of the rough areas except for some which are some how out of play. We start seeding on the 3rd of november if the weather is appropriate. We will use Lolium perenne “equate”, new generation perennial ryegrass.

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