Keys to having double fun playing golf

Any golfer has ever fallen into one of the most serious mistakes we can make on the green: Obsessing with winning, improving and lowering the handicap, forgetting the only important thing, having a great time and enjoying golf as you really deserve!

And this goes further: Enjoying golf is not only a must to be distracted by worries and live the essence of this sport, when you relax, when you concentrate on the green and just enjoy yourself, it is also when you play the best games!

And it is not a theoretical thing, but happens to hundreds of golfers on the golf course in Majorca, so this post was almost mandatory in our blog:

Keys to have fun twice as much playing golf

1. Wear special clothing for the golf course:

If you go to the course right after work, take some extra clothes so you can change afterwards in the locker room.

But what does this have to do with having a good time?

Well, my dear golfer, it has to do a lot! When you change your clothes completely, it’s like you’re going to change the chip, leaving your worries behind and subconsciously “rebooting” the day.

Ideally, you should have a suitable and comfortable set to play golf, which you only use on the course. In this way you associate it almost without realizing the good vibes of this sport, feeling just as good every day you play. Over time you’ll even want to go to the country just because you associate it with that wonderful feeling of joy and tranquillity.

2. Learn about golf leagues and events:

In the world of golf there are events and competitions where you can participate with the aim of having fun and meeting new golfers.

These events are also very varied and are often differentiated by categories, male and female. There are also tournaments where 9 holes are played instead of 18 holes, so you only need to know your style of play and sign up for a tournament or event that fulfils it.

You can also bring golf to life:

Many leagues and tournaments are created only because a group of golfers feel like giving good vibes to the course, or “facing” two nearby courses amicably. If you are lucky enough to have your group of friends on the golf course you can create a mini league.

It’s a way to have a great time, spend more time on this hobby and get to know other golfers and the course staff more closely.

3. Sign up for golf lessons:

When you start you may not have as much fun as you should: The burden of not doing a good swing, of having a handicap too high, of not knowing the rules…

It can discourage us and above all prevent us from going on to play with other golfers for fear of interfering in their game.

But we’ve all been rookies on the course! Experienced golfers will respect it and many will share their tips with you.

Another good recommendation is to sign up for golf lessons, in addition to learning fast you can meet other beginner golfers with which to form a friendship, learn together and stay to have your first games.

Remember: Relax, breathe the pleasant aroma of the green and have fun! Your best games will come when you master these three points.

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