The course

Hole 17

The big green!

Hole 17

Par 3

This 212m, par 3 needs all your attention. With cluster bunkers on the left side take at least one more club and attack the green from the right.

Tee Meters Yards
213 233
194 212
181 198
164 179
157 172

Hole by hole

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Practice your patience!
Distance control is vital!
Hitting straight rather than long!
Aim for the left side of the green
Par Towards fairway bunker!
Better safe than sorry!
Patience will bring the desired result
Self-esteem is needed!
Precision is required!
The second shot is the most important!
Length, lenght, length!
Don’t hit it too far!
Precision is required!
A long green!
Long, but slightly downhill!
The big green!
A secure tee off!