Try the latest in Lottusse footwear at the Alcanada pro shop

Lottusse is an international brand, which specialises in the manufacture of high-quality leather items. Founded in 1877 in the Mallorcan town of Inca by Antoni Fluxá Figuerola, the prestigious company is renowned for its artisanal production of handcrafted shoes that use the Goodyear welted system, considered to be a hallmark of the finest craftsmanship.

Lottusse boasts a network of its own stores spread across Spain, Europe, Asia and the Middle East and markets through its different product lines: Selection, Men’s Collection, Women’s Collection, Golf Collection, 1877 Mediterranean Spirit and Evasion.


• Comfort and design.

• Every item in the collection is developed with the Lottusse Waterproof System technology, achieving complete impermeability.

• All of the products are made with bovine leather of the highest quality to which a hydration treatment has been applied that guarantees their impermeability.

• The lightness of the shoe is achieved thanks to the extra light soles (PU + TPU), which have the Shock Absorber system, built in and a double zone of Lottusse System flexion, which ensures perfect shock absorption on any type of surface.

• Designed to improve lightness and allow its use on different surfaces. A multifunctional product, perfect both for playing golf, as well as day-to-day use.

Come to our pro shop and discover the latest of Lottusse Golf Collection for him and her.

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