How to dress correctly to play golf

Although golf is an increasingly widespread sport, it still retains its dress protocol. These good manners when dressing are more important than we think, since some fields can deny entry if you don’t follow them, and they would be in their full right.

The dress protocol is the same for men and women, it helps us to move freely, not to clash on the course and in certain garments (such as shoes) to take care of the grass.


Upper part to play golf:

Golf top garments can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved and should always have a collar. In the case of women, it is allowed that the garment does not have a sleeve but it must necessarily have a collar.

On the golf course t-shirts are totally prohibited. Polo shirts are accepted, but must be specific polo shirts for playing golf. In certain clubs there are also dress codes for areas of the clubhouse, it is important to keep this in mind when you go to visit any of those clubs.


Golf pants:

Depending on the time of year, the pants may be short or long, but they will always be pants suitable for playing golf. Regular street clothes such as jeans, detachable pants, camouflage or denim are prohibited on the course.

In the summer you can wear shorts but never swim shorts, or that are not specifically designed for playing golf. Gym pants are also prohibited.

Can you wear skirts to play golf? Yes, women can wear skirts but they will always be golf specific skirts.


Golf socks

To play golf we must wear socks. While it is one more costume standard, the main reason is because we will be more comfortable with them due to the nature of golf shoes.


Appropriate footwear for playing golf:

On the course we must always use our own shoes to play golf. We will not be allowed to play with other footwear and of course sandals and flip flops are totally prohibited. The reason for this protocol is that the right footwear helps us to take care of the grass and allows us to be more comfortable when it comes to swinging and moving around the green.


How to wear the caps on the golf course

On the course the caps must always go with the visor forward. There is no specific regulation for this add-on and the player can decide whether to wear a cap or not. As we have previously mentioned, there may be certain areas of the club where the wearing of caps is not allowed.


Where can I buy clothes to play golf?

Most of the golf courses in Majorca have a store where you can buy all the necessary equipment to play golf; there are also outlets and specific stores in shopping centers.


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