Alcanada Golf renews its commitment to quality

Club de Golf Alcanada renews the UNE 188,001 quality certification for one more year through AENOR, The Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification. It is a private non-profit organization created in 1986 whose activity contributes to improving the quality and competitiveness of companies, products and services.

So what is the UNE Quality Tourism Standard 188,001?

It is a management tool used in Spain specifically within the Golf Services Industry.
The UNE aims to provide added value to the management body of those providing the golf service as it is a differentiating factor and creates a sense of credibility for the business.

It can be awarded to both 9 and 18 hole courses as well as pitch and put. The UNE standard looks at both services offered by the company and their facilities and equipment before it awards this UNE certification. Regardless of the golf course’s operating model (social, pay & play or mixed), the standard can be applied.

The “Q” label is a great promotion technique as it conveys a guarantee of quality service as well as bringing superiority, reliability and rigor to the organisation’s name. Thus, the customer’s perceptions of the entity will improve when they notice the UNE quality certification.

The formation of this quality standard helps improve the service provided by golf organisations as well as helping them identify consumer needs. It will give the awarded organisations a better chance of improving through the annual audits by expert auditors. It also pays special attention to accessibility and respect for the environment which is becoming an increasingly popular theme.

Clearly, the “Q” tourist quality label provides a range of benefits for the golf company, so what requirements must be met to be awarded this certification?

The entity must ensure that they have a solid management team for the business itself, resources and analysis, safety and marketing. Furthermore they must adhere to the requirements of attention to customers and information management with regard to the state of the golf course. Other areas that must have their requirements met are: sales, game management, complementary game services, additional game services, cleaning and maintenance and course design.

Evidently, the “Q” label is not awarded easily; one must comply with the desired requirements in order to add this quality certificate to their business.

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