Best golf players in history

One of the main obligations of golf writers is to convey to the reader the passion for the sport, the love for golf and the desire to take the clubs when you play in your golf course in Majorca.

For this reason, this article is mandatory on our website and one of the ones that will reach your soul the most, to know the humble origins of the golf legends and how their courage on the course led them to achieve great successes, it is something that came to you an irrepressible desire to improve in this sport. Do we start this walk through history?


Who are the best golf players in history?

Establishing a hierarchy among the best golf players in history is not easy, they are all stars who deserve their own article on this blog, so we are not going to follow a specific order, if not reveal the best in this sport (or at the least the best according to the criteria of the majority).


1 – Tiger Woods

Tiger’s real name is Eldrick, he was born in 1975 in Cypress (California). Among his honors we find 14 Majors, 4 PGA Championship, 4 Augusta Masters, 3 US Open and 3 British Open. In total, he has obtained 79 titles throughout his career.


2- Bobby Jones

A must on this list of the best amateur players in the history of golf. Jones never wanted to be a professional because he did not consider golf as a job but as a pleasure. This legend born in 1902 retired from golf at age 28. He won the US Open 4 times and the British Open 3. He took first place at the US Open Amateur 5 times. In 1930, his golden age, he became the first and only golfer to date to win in the 4 major tournaments of his time in the same season. He created the Augusta Master and at just 23 years old was named the best golf player in North America.


3- Arnold Palmer “The King”

This golf star born in 1929 got the Augusta Master 4 times, the US Open and two PGA Championship. He became the most famous golf player of his time, in part due to his overwhelming charisma and press appearances. He managed to bring golf to the masses like no one had ever done. An airport, a drink and a golf tournament are named after him, due to his magnificent style of play Arnold palmer was nicknamed “The King”.


4- Seve Ballesteros

Severiano Ballesteros is the greatest Spanish golfer in history, born in 1957 and better known as “Seve”, he has won many tournaments, including two Augusta Masters and three British Open. Seve learned to play golf by hitting the rocks on Pedreña beach with a 3 iron that he made himself. This player who stands out for his ingenuity and versatility entered the hall of fame in 1999 and passed away in 2011.


5- Jack Nicklaus

In a list of the best golf players in history, Jack Nicklaus could not be missed, the American player is considered the best in history, his 18 Majors make him number 1. In addition to these titles, he organizes his own PGA Tour tournament , the Memorial Tournament, writes autobiographical and game technique books, and designs golf courses.

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