Why are gloves used in golf?

When starting to practice golf as a sport, many first-time athletes do not know what materials they absolutely need.

Why play golf?

One of the sports that attracts the most fans throughout the year is undoubtedly golf. Many people think that it is one of the most boring sports or that you need the least preparation to make the best swings of the moment, but we have to say that all these people are very wrong. 

Understand golf quickly

If you are going to start in the world of golf you will need to understand it quickly to be able to delve into the other knowledge.

Tips for playing golf in Summer

The good weather arrives and with it, the concern that all people who play golf have. It is normal, that many of us prefer this climate to be able to practice the sport that we like so much, or, on the contrary, it may be that you are one of those who, the colder and […]

59 Club Gold Flag Award

Club de Golf Alcanada has once again celebrated its commitment to excellent customer service with a Gold Flag award from the 59Club, the third consecutive year that the Mallorcan club has won the award.

Plase do not touch the processionary caterpillar!

Like every year, the processionary caterpillar is active again for several months until spring. These hairy caterpillars are easily recognized because they move in caravans (as in a procession).

Tips to have a good mentality before each workout

Without a doubt, one of the keys to every athlete is their mentality. It is of no use to us, that we feel strong or are very good motivates before each training, since, if we do not have a mentality, we are not going to give everything of ourselves.

When is it better to play golf, in winter or summer?

When we try and talk about the sport, we like the most, we never see obstacles to practicing it whenever we can. It is normal that if you play golf, are starting out or are already an experienced player, you have a certain predisposition or favouritism at a certain time of year.