All eyes on Alcanada as Challenge Tour finale confirmed for live broadcast

Challenge Tour

The eyes of the golfing world will turn to Club de Golf Alcanada next month when the Rolex Challenge Tour Grand Final supported by The R&A returns to TV screens. The climax to this season’s Challenge Tour will again be held at the acclaimed Mallorca venue from November 2-5 – and thousands of viewers from […]

Training routines for golfers

Golf is a sport that requires a good balance between strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. To improve performance on the course and prevent injury, it is important for golfers to incorporate specific fitness training routines into their preparation. Today we want to help you if you are stuck in your training or feel that you […]

We debate: Is golf a sport?

Is Golf A Sport?

One of the most vexing debates for any golfer is the argument that golf is not a sport. Competitive golf is a physical activity that requires skill and is scored, which certainly meets the definition of sport. The argument against golf as a sport, in my opinion, is based on limited or biased perceptions of […]

Benefits of playing golf with advanced age

Benefits of playing golf

Golf is a great game for people of all ages. It is a hobby that you can take up and maintain throughout your life. Everyone has heard of the concept of retiring and taking up golf and it is true that golf provides a lot of benefits for the elderly and even helps golfers live […]

Top tips for balls stuck to trees

Golf Alcanada

Consider this scenario: You play your drive, but your golf ball hits a tree on the side of the fairway, and it didn’t come down: your golf ball is still up there, caught in the branches. How do you proceed? If you’re like most golfers, you’ll either curse your luck or laugh at the situation. […]

Why are gloves used in golf?

When starting to practice golf as a sport, many first-time athletes do not know what materials they absolutely need.

Why play golf?

One of the sports that attracts the most fans throughout the year is undoubtedly golf. Many people think that it is one of the most boring sports or that you need the least preparation to make the best swings of the moment, but we have to say that all these people are very wrong.

Understand golf quickly

If you are going to start in the world of golf you will need to understand it quickly to be able to delve into the other knowledge.

Tips for playing golf in Summer

The good weather arrives and with it, the concern that all people who play golf have. It is normal, that many of us prefer this climate to be able to practice the sport that we like so much, or, on the contrary, it may be that you are one of those who, the colder and […]

59 Club Gold Flag Award

Club de Golf Alcanada has once again celebrated its commitment to excellent customer service with a Gold Flag award from the 59Club, the third consecutive year that the Mallorcan club has won the award.