Playing golf in Majorca

Are you planning your next vacation? If you have not decided yet but you know it would be nice to practice your favorite sport during the period, then golf courses in Majorca are your best option. There are multiple reasons to say that, all of them related to the location, its geography, climate and also the activity itself which is good for everybody.

Majorca is the largest portion of land belonging to the Balearic Islands. They are situated at the south point of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. Due to that its weather is always adequated to practice any outdoor entertainment, especially golf. Besides, there you find every possible activity to do in a touristic marine place, excellent restaurants and the best hotels and resorts.

On the other hand, its people are friendly and they feel happy to receive the abundant visitors who choose this spot for their holiday periods. You can take your family with you without hesitation because while you are playing they will be very busy, enjoying everything around even if they do not share your love for golf.

Why golf is advisable for you?

Perhaps you are not a golfer and at the moment wonder why some people are so enthusiastic about it. This is an interesting and challenging sport which is also suitable for anybody of different age or dissimilar physical condition. It is practiced by children since they are able to grasp the clubs and by old individuals too and the only restriction is that they can walk a little and try a swing. It does not matter how long take them to make the round.

If you routinely play golf you will feel better and your health will be improved. Your cardiovascular system is activated while you walk about 6 kilometers to complete an eighteen-hole journey instead of driving a car. Additionally, you will burn more calories and lose weight transporting your own equipments. And during the swing, the effort allows you to endure your muscles a lot, because to move a ball hundreds of meters through hits is an excellent exercise.

Going further than the corporal condition, this sport is an optimal way to develop your mental abilities. The problem is that you need to create strategies to aim you goal, put a small ball inside a really tiny hole. And you have to beat the obstacles made of water, sand, tree or any other on the road, with the minimum amount of attempts.

Finally, you have the opportunity of reinforcing your personal relationships. If you are a businessman this is the chance to talk to your partners, clients or suppliers outside the office. You can share good times with you family and old friends; but, more than that you will be able to establish new friendships with people ready to enjoy the same activity.

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