How to analyse a golf course to play

There are many aspects that we have to take into account when we get ready to play golf. All players always have a favourite course in which they feel much more comfortable with their game, this is due to various factors such as the course of the same, the landscape, the conditions of the course, etc. In order for us to advance in our favourite sport we have to know all the ins and outs of the course in which we are going to play. To achieve this and always carry out our strategy we have to analyse the playing course to dominate it and that nothing escapes our thoughts. That is why today we want to talk to you about how to analyse a golf course to play.

Why think about the course before playing?

In all sports we need to have a priori time to know in which course we are going to play, what it is like and how long it is going to be that day. Arriving on the course without knowing him is practically a defeat in advance. You always have to have as much information as possible to be sure, because playing golf is not just hitting the ball well. But … What do you have to look out for on the golf course? We explain it to you:

  1. Drive. This is essential, if the hole is well designed, we will not see it easily from most shots. Therefore, it is important that first of all you visualize it well and know where to direct your blow.
  2. The difficulty of the pairs. To succeed, we advise you to analyse it and make a small sketch or scheme in which you detail where the bunkers are, the contours and everything that may affect you when making your shot. Then continue doing it where your ball falls to follow its path.
  3. The longest holes on the course. This is perhaps one of the most worrisome to many players. At this point we recommend that you always look for reference points for the fall of the ball. You have to take into account: the trees, the driest areas, the densest, etc.
  4. Look for all the information that you can acquire about the golf course a few days before the game. If you can, it is also preferable that you stop by there before to contemplate everything carefully. Many golf courses have their card in which they show all kinds of specifications and routes that we will find there when it comes to playing.

Golf is a sport that takes time before and after the games we play, this is because we will always have to study the place where we are going to play as well as afterwards know those details that went well or badly to be able to improve them and advance in our technique. It is time to analyse your next course to have everything under control and be the best.

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