The Flora in Alcanada: the dimorphotheca

Daniel Beltrán, gardener at Club de Golf Alcanada, informs us about the flora you can see at Alcanada. The latest subject is the “dimorphotheca”, known as the daisybushes or African daisies, belonging to the Calenduleae, one of the smaller tribes of the sunflower/daisy family Asteraceae.

Daniel said: “It is an original plant from southern Africa, herbaceous and evergreen. It flowers throughout the spring and the beginning of summer, with a second flowering during the month of September.”

“You can find this type of plant around our golf course in Mallorca, as we have some very beautiful and colourful specimens, such as the spectacular example from the photo, located towards the end of the 18th hole, giving the players a wonderful visual experience when it is in bloom during spring.

“It is ideal for creating colourful flowerbeds in the garden. After flowering, it stays green throughout the year, which is why we decided to plant them in our facilities. They are at their best when our course is at its best as well, mainly in spring and summer.”


Its scientific name derives from the Greek “osteon” (= bone) and the Latin “spermum” (= seed).

On cloudy days the flowers only open halfway.

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