Majorca golf courses green fees: the best prices for you

Every time we start doing a new activity, we should begin finding out everything about that subject: particular language and terms, conditions applied, rules, exceptions and so on. For experts it could be so simple but if you are a novice, let’s review vital words of the vocabulary of golf courses in Majorca.

These fields are extremely beautiful, long extensions of permanent emerald grass cut at the required height, the roads, the installations are always very well maintained in order to attract players and continue distinguishing this sport as signal of the most notable people in the world. Since, this is played by famous actors and actress, well-known politicians, presidents of countries, important businessmen, kings and their royal courts.

Therefore, this is easy to understand that green fees, a term widely used by golfers, are essential to cover the expenses. Broadly speaking, these are the rates a person has to pay to play this sport. They are like the entrance tickets necessary to come into the place and vary from one field to another the same way that any product or private service you acquire in different commercial establishments.

Green fees settings

The amounts paid on Majorca golf courses depend on certain conditions. Among them:

• If you are member or not: a benefit of being a partner is that payments for round are cheaper compared to the guest and visitor’s expenditures.

• Day of the week you want to use the field: the fee is usually higher during the weekends.

• Number of stages: the complete round (18 holes) or half of it (just 9).

• Time of the day: if you start late and it is difficult to complete the action the rate may be lower.

• Sometimes, discounts are offered to retired people and children. And others are related to share facilities. For example, pooled buggies might result in a lesser value to each passenger than if only one is using it.

• Also it is logical to suppose that season affects the costs. Some months are more demanded than others and prices on them may be upper too.

The advantages of golfing here

Majorca golf courses green fees could seem elevated if they are seen as a whole, but if you make a list of the total benefits included for playing in that location you will realize it is not as high as thought. First, several are considered as the best ones in Balearic Islands, even in Spain.

And the local climate is definitely an advantage because the weather is moderated through the coldest winter or the hottest summer, making possible for you playing comfortably there at any moment of the year. If this is your passion, reserve today at Alcanada Golf Club!

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