Golf membership in Majorca benefits children

Have you heard about a sport that is suitable for people of all ages? Golf in Majorca is intrinsically safe not only for adults, but also for elderly and young persons. Everybody knows that physical activity is, especially when practiced outdoors, essential for kids’ proper progress forward maturity. Therefore you can think in this as the extra scholar alternative to your beloved ones.

This has not been traditionally on the top ten options of children. Soccer, baseball, basketball and volleyball are preferred, because they are considered to be more demanding. Let’s take a close look to this activity to understand why it would be so marvelous for your kids to have a permanent membership in Alcanada Golf Club. It will allow them to play as frequently as they want.

Advantages for children of playing golf

This outdoor entertainment combines concentration, relaxation, fluidity, dynamism and walking. So it is ideal for corporal and mental development and there is no specific age to grab a club. The most agile infants can try to hit their first balls, always under the supervision of an adult, with sticks adapted to their height. It’s never too soon to be passionate! And among its benefits you can find:

• Favors physical growth: it is a complete sport in which much strength is worked. For instance, during the swing a lot of muscles are exercised, starting from the legs and thighs, going through the back and the abdominal belt and ending, evidently, by the shoulders and arms. It also helps the body dynamism, the breathing management and is perfect for refining coordination, space position and balance.

• Improves relationships: it is recommended for family practice. Who does not like to share time with their children while getting fit? It is not required to have a certain condition; being tall, short, thinner or wider does not mean any obstacle to enjoy it. Besides, it lets them socialize, develop strategies to interact and cultivate friendship with other players in a healthy and positive environment.

• Helps practicing concentration and logic: the player must reflect on the next step, what club should be used, the game tactics, think the blow in advance and weigh the risks. These mental maneuvers are judgment exercises that will be useful for them in their daily routine. And firstly golf is calm and meditation. Ability they learn while interspersing walking, conversation and laughter with swing phases.

Additionally, it promotes ethical values through the game rules. Golfers are respectful towards others, helping them to search lost balls or counting points. The kids will show their manners both in training and in competition, learn to behave in front of the circumstances and create good habits. Finally, they demonstrate honesty since it is one of the few sports in which you are your own judge and referee.

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