Golf lessons in Majorca

If you practice this sport with regularity, play it in the office, dream about being a famous golfer and plan your vacation period looking for an opportunity to be in contact with, you will love golf courses in Majorca due to the spectacular scenery, delicious climate and professional spots. However, to act like an expert you should consider taking classes.

In most of the professional courses is possible to receive lessons in modern academies, from proficient instructors willing to share their wisdom with the least experienced ones. These programs are very helpful to teach you to achieve the goal, which as everyone knows is, to introduce the pellet in the designed hole using the less thinkable amount of hits. The first advice is to become aware of your movements in order to improve your golf, train continuously and you will do it.

Some tips to improve your efficiency playing golf

• Your position in front of the round object transmits what your level is: also it will indicate if the strike is going to be good or not. The back must be smooth, without arched in a “c” shape and the legs slightly bent at the knees. To show you powerful before the sphere, relax the arms and place them vertically respect to the ground. Align the body parallel to the objective.

• Low ball: when you want to achieve a flight of low height and good rolling is because it is necessary to cover long distances perhaps with a strong wind against or you need to pass the sphere under a group of trees. To do it grab the stick a little more than usual and strengthen the body posture. Cut the size of your backswing to avoid the break in your hands.

• High ball: when you have to fly over an obstacle or some trees and get a considerable distance too you will have to make a small adjustment in your set up or stance, as long as you do not have the wind against it. Weaken your posture faintly, so that your sternum is just on the right side of the sphere, separate your legs a bit more to produce a wide swing easier but not faster. This way you will coordinate better.

• Compromising with the short putt: this is probably the most feared blow to golfers since there is only a small distance to reach the hole but it looks like being in the moon. In the way your technique is adequate in terms of body posture respect to the ball, in alignment and in a correct grip, you can do it. It is vital to feel that you do not push the stick more than it should and that your wrists move as little as possible during the swing and through the impact.

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