Championship golf courses: just the supreme option for superior clubs

Are you trying to start some physical activity? Perhaps you consider yourself as an athletic individual but looking for new challenges. In both cases you should try a sport which is equally interesting and enjoyable. Nevertheless, the place is important too therefore play golf courses in Majorca.

This is a suitable game for everyone. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, thin or fat, tall or short, but especially is alright for people of all ages. This is good to initiate playing in your golden years to get adequate corporal conditions but if you are young, you have the entire life enjoying it and keeping yourself healthy and strong.

At the moment you want to pick where to practice it you find out there are worldwide countless sites. Most of them offer gorgeous fields with astonishing sceneries, but it does not mean they are identical. If your purpose is to be a famous professional then it is convenient make yourself member of a championship golf course.

What is the meaning of a championship golf course?

· The traditional concept comes from those installations possessing more than a course, typically two. The first was an 18-hole field while the second had only nine. Tournaments were usually held on the big one due to it was better; as a consequence, it was referrer with the mentioned title.

· Nowadays, the majority of 18-hole fields entitle themselves that name and the merely significance is considering it a marketing language. Because the term suggests it is a hard and inspiring place able to organize all kind of competitions. However, there is no real specification for what defines a club talented for that challenge.

· Equivalently, the precise definition corresponds to those that have already prepared satisfactorily this sort of encounters. Anyway, there are several international competitions annually, enough to make more than one organization happy for being the host.

Men’s most relevant competitions

There are four prominent encounters for expert golfers generally denominated as “the major championships”. Ordered according to the location and showing the host, they are:

· The Open Championship (July) – it is also called the British Open tournament. Presented by the Royal and Ancient (Club of St Andrews) and it is always carried out at one of ten links course in Great Britain.

· Masters Tournament (April) – Augusta National Club (Georgia, USA)

· U.S. Open (June) – United States Golf Association (USGA) and PGA Championship (August) – Professional Golfers’ Association of America. Both are held at different locations inside USA.

Alcanada Golf Club will carry out this year the following struggles: Mallorca Magazín, XXII Inselradio Trophy and Presidents Cup 2018. Consult their website for the complete list and supplementary information.

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