An unique golf vacation: making the most out of your travel

For most people, breaks are one of the best moment of the year. The possibility of traveling anywhere, sharing with our family and enjoying new activities make them amazing. But when our vacation is also oriented to one of our passions, it is impossible to not feel eager about playing golf in Majorca.

This Mediterranean island is, by itself, a beautiful destination that anyone can appreciate for its astonishing landscapes, nice weather and well-developed touristic infrastructure since you can find places for everyone and everything: shopping malls, warm beaches, waterparks and sports centers.

And if it comes to golf, these characteristics combine in spectacular ways. A big advantage about Majorca is each member of the family will be able to do what they want to do without needing to go somewhere else, so it’s a family-friendly adventure for those who have kids or just a spouse who prefers swimming.

What course should you pick?

There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to choosing. For example, a part of it is related to your experience, style and the design itself: if you’re a novice and only play casually, an easy or medium level of difficulty will be enough to challenge you without being boring or overwhelming.

However, if you want to improve your abilities, you will need to play in places above your level so you can start challenging your physical and mental skills. Another fact to consider is the topography and your physical condition.

For example, a club near to the coast will usually have a strong sea breeze that will force you to calculate each shot carefully, and hilly places might make the game harder for the considerations about height. Even if there are not many sand traps or water lakes, these factors can increase difficulty.

Outside of the game: are you comfortable?

The whole experience during the nine or eighteen holes is important, but there are certain services that will need to be relaxed and completely focused through the game to achieve a good score. The best courses like Alcanada Golf Club have diverse services like:

• Restaurant: It does not matter if you’re going to be there during the whole day or only in the afternoon, but filling up with some food will replenish our energy whether it is before or afterward. Some even have a small space midcourse where you can eat some snacks before returning to activity.

• Shop: When we are traveling, it can be hard to take all our equipment without forgetting anything or leaving it because of the weight. However, there is always a possibility of buying it once you arrive at the club, as well as acquiring other useful items like umbrellas, sun lotion, the right shoes or caps.

• Academy: Being able to practice our swings and aim is a great chance to improve our techniques and get advice from experts. This is especially important for those who wish to become better since it will allow you to work your weak points.

So if you still do not know what to do during your break, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the warm sun of Majorca while practicing your favorite activities.

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