Alcanada, for many, the best club on Majorca

Alcanada has got the position as Majorca golf course par excellence. The club was opened in 2003, and its administration and strategic lines have placed it as an example of a consolidated enterprise worthy of being copied. But … What makes a business the best?

Perhaps golf is a competitive market in the islands. In fact, there are 19 courses qualified to practice this elegant sport. There is a great tradition of play and many ways to offer the service to the amateurs.

Nevertheless, some indicators can be very useful to establish the efficiency of each of Majorca establishments dedicated to golf. Let’s look at some of them.

Design of the course and designer

This is perhaps one of the most important points when evaluating a business dedicated to this sport discipline. Remember that mounds, lakes and other morphological elements of space define the scenario of each game.

In short, the design gives life to every challenge and players develop their skills according to the difficulties that the terrain presents. In the case of Alcanada, the designer was the Robert Trent Jones Jr.

Trent Jones junior is an authoritative voice when it comes to golf course design. He has devised and remodelled about 250 golf courses throughout his career. Undoubtedly, prestige is relevant in this business.

Quality Academy

Most of these courses host an academy to teach young and old to play. But the quality between the different academies is what will make the difference, and this is an aspect that can be compared with some ease.

For example, in Alcanada the professional John Verhappen manages the teachings. Any golfer who teaches there must have the corresponding PGA certification. In contrast, there are other clubs where semi-professionals teach classes.

It is also timely to consider learning programs and the use of technologies for the training of people who contract the service. High-speed cameras, Flightscope and the swing analyzer are the most outstanding advances in the field.

Tournaments held

World-renowned competitions are only held on the best golf courses. Of course this is not the only important thing, there are all kinds of amateur, semi-professional and professional tournaments organized by companies.

If the PGA uses a course to celebrate their tournaments we will be in front of a prestigious place, considering that some scenarios used are historical and do not change with the time. There are definitely different types of competitions for athletes. After all, fans of this sport are very demanding.

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