9 hole golf course in Majorca

Sometimes, we need to take the chance to relax and clear our mind of every thought. However, it can be hard to accomplish if the daily routine is fulfilled with duties and weekends are already compromised. For this reason, playing golf in Majorca can be the solution.

Though it can be seen as a wasting time activity, there are plenty of courses offering the opportunity to cover only 9 holes, which makes it considerable shorter without losing any of the benefits golf produces on our health.

Being in an area free of contamination allows us to breathe fresh air and becomes ready for the physical action: walking and swinging. But even more than it, the real challenge is how we use our skills to achieve the goal: a par or less hits.

When is it possible to play?

Performing this sport is a way to improve our life, but occasionally, responsibilities get in the way and it is impossible to find the right moment to leave everything aside and forget temporally about the stress. Nevertheless, there are choices available in these cases.

Some places, as Alcanada Golf Club, let people doing half of the course in the afternoon just by making a reservation. In this modality, the price is cheaper, but it anyway consents enjoying the installations and exercising for a short lapse.

If our agenda is full, it is the ideal way to keep practicing and preparing no excuses on how busy we are. And after we finish our game, we can have a dinner in the restaurant closing the day with a good touch that will make us feel pleased.

Where should we go?

Majorca is filled of fields thanks to its warm weather, sunny days, and soft hills. But when it is the instant to choose, we cannot solely consider the location, but the services offered as well in order to pick the perfect site.

If we are dedicated players, limiting the round will obstruct improving our technique. But if we are doing it for fun, the flawless club will bring us comfort while still challenging us a bit, as a way to retain the interest.

For these reasons, Alcanada is among the best options of Majorca. Its field is quite daring since it was not designed for novices, but anyone can adapt to it with practice. Additionally, they count with an academy, where basic and advance lessons are taught in five different languages.

And whether if you are ending your period or just midway, you can have a snack in The Lighthouse Bar, which will refill you energies until you conclude and go to the restaurant to evaluate your card, eat a delicious dish and plan your coming back occasion.

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