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How many kilometers does a golf course have?

Golf is a sport that is played outdoors, and that is one of its great successes. Of course, the competition cannot take place anywhere, but they need an extensive area to place the greens and all its fairways. Surely at some point you have wondered how long a golf course should measure, right? If you want to find an answer, keep on reading.

How long is a golf course?

All golf courses do not necessarily have to measure the same. There are some that are sorter and only have nine holes, while others are more extensive and contain eighteen. This natural and spacious space offers unbeatable views. Awesome! We cannot imagine the number of balls that must be rescued per year from the depths of the lakes that you can also find along the way.

If we have to be guided by measurements, the margin will oscillate between 4,500 and 6,500 meters. This is the average length of a golf course, with all its greens and fairways that players, regardless of their ability, should play from the starting point to the end, achieving the most impressive ball strokes. Keep in mind that the longer the course, the more difficult it will be to complete. And for many players, this difficulty only prompts them to improve and prove themselves. 

The maximum does not vary, while in some courses that only have half, nine, what they do is make two laps to complete them all. But in competition they are always eighteen.

From tee to green there is some distance, with some obstacles for the golfers, thus ensuring that the game is a matter of patience and strategy, as well as challenges to overcome. You have to walk a lot, yes, and that is why it is one of the most recommended sports for both children and the elderly. If what you want is to do an aerobic sport and have fun at the same time, this is your place!

Most of the golf courses are on the outskirts due to the enormous surfaces that they cover. Nobody wants to hit passers-by with the balls, right? Normally, the golf course needs an average of 70 hectares of land, in this way a healthy and fun competition is guaranteed, as well as safe.

In short, no two golf courses are the same, and it will always depend on what you want to achieve with it. While people have a good time spending a day there, and move slowly but surely and achieve their optimal level of play. It should be understood that there are private golf clubs, where you must become a member or they must invite you, and clubs where you can pay for hours, or days, depending on what you are going to play. Whatever your option, the important thing is to have fun!