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Basic rules of golf that every amateur should know

Golf is a sport that every day has more followers of all ages. Are you one of them? If you dare to start playing on your golf course in Mallorca, there are some basic rules that you should know. We will tell you about them in this post!

What you need to know to play golf

For some, golf can be complex, but knowing some basic concepts to follow, everything is simpler.

Count the points

Points are counted in relation to the strokes made to a ball until it enters a hole. The strokes are recorded on a card and the one with the fewest strokes wins.

The round

One of the most common questions that arise to those who have never played golf is how to start the round. This can be chosen in 4 different tees:

Red color: For beginner women. Blue color: Women of medium level and competitions. Yellow color: Men who are starting. White color: Professional players and competitions.

The tee

There are different tees: plastic, wooden, the one-tee and the Little tee. It can only be used on the tee shot and you have to find the correct height, place the ball and stand in front of it. It seems easy to say, but it requires a well-planned technique. If it is too low, you can hit the top of the ball and it will go too low, which will not be advantageous. On the contrary, if it is high, you will make the ball go too high and the distance will be short and imprecise.

At the tee

At the start you have to take safety into account and stay focused. When there is more than one player, you must remain silent, avoid moving and do not shade the ball.

Once in the game, the player with the furthest ball will start.

The ball

How do you know whose ball is? Keep in mind that 90% of the balls are white, so they can be easily confused. The most advisable thing is to memorize the number of your ball, and if you do not see it feasible, you can always make a mark that differentiates it from the rest.


If the ball goes out of bounds you have to stay in place and start the game with another ball. Of course, there will be a finishing shot.

If the ball falls behind a tree or in some other place that is not accessible, it is considered unplayable and there are three options, all of which count as a penalty stroke. The first is to drop it at a distance of two clubs from where it is; the second, to separate it from you on the line of the flag but without advancing distance; the third, play it from the previous point.

The bunker

When the ball falls into a bunker, you can try to remove it or if not, one of the previous points.

These are some of the guidelines that will help you in your beginnings in golf. We encourage you to put them into practice!