Golf courses: how to make the tough choice

Picking golf courses in Majorca can end up being a tough choice. The amount of spectacular possibilities available in this beautiful Mediterranean island is astonishing and since vacations are not as long as most people would like them to be, it is hard or even impossible to visit several of them without missing their details.

Therefore, picking is obligatory for anyone who wants to truly enjoy their playing time. Prices are usually one of the first things tourists check for when looking for hotels and restaurants, but since cost and quality are not always directly correlated, there is more to be done.

Taking a closer look: what should you search?

• Location. If we are staying in the middle of the city, it can be hard to go too far into the countryside. However, if it is too centric, it is possible that it has to be smaller in consequence, louder or missing the chance of having amazing views and landscapes.

• Difficulty. Depending on your level as a player, you will want to prove yourself in the hardest holes or just wanting a nice relaxing game in a simple environment. In general terms, the best choice is to pick a club with more than one course or one who is generally challenging without being frustrating.

• Installations. The facilities in the place will have an important weight. Counting with a restaurant for a relaxing dinner after the game is basically mandatory, but there are other good characteristics as specialized shops in case you left something, academies for training and even small spaces for eating a snack midgame.

• Duration. If you are in the middle of a familiar vacation, it can be hard to convince them to stay the whole day there. Therefore, it is recommendable to find places where you can play only half of it. In this way, you can spend half of the day with your family while exploring the island.

• Cost. While it should not be the only important factor, it is certainly a big one. If it is too cheap, service will probably be poor. However, the most expensive one will not necessarily be the best one, so it is a good idea to read critics about the place beforehand.

Getting ready for enjoyment

Though summing up the choices to only two or three places can be easier than the final pick, the time dedicated to it will end up being rewarding when you are finally in the best place that suits all of your needs.

However, if you still are not sure of where to go, make sure to find more about Club de Golf Alcanada. It has been widely recognized as an amazing course who can be challenging to both amateurs and professional players, and its installations are oriented to make you comfortable during each step, as well as amazing you with their incredible landscapes.

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