Golf shops Majorca

Golf in Majorca is not only recognized for being played in spectacular sceneries surrounded by gorgeous marine and mountain views and due to its contribution to the physical, mental and social health of the players, but also for its dress code. It is good because allows to identify everywhere the performers and they look always elegant and chic.

The dress code includes as acceptable men’s shirts with collars and small or stretched sleeves; football T-shirts or tracksuits are not allowed but sleeveless ones are good for women. On the other hand, tailored shorts or belted long pants are satisfactory but sport or beach trousers and jeans are prohibited. Trainers or common shoes must be changed to special and dedicated ones.

If you are asking yourself about wearing shoes with metal studs, usually the clubs ask you not to do it. It is demanded that you play with soft-spikes (plastic blocks) so if by any chance you lose them they do not cause a terrible damage to the tires of the vehicles used by the maintenance workers in the field. Safety steps are important and taken into account at all times.

Alcanada Golf Club pro shop

If you arrive to Alcanada without the appropriate clothes you should not worry because fashionable golf garments are offered in a remarkable spot. It is a four-century-year-old construction made with emblematic Mallorcan stone walls. The shop area is bigger than 150 square meters of a beautiful and stunning building that seems like a wine cellar.

It has been supplied with the greatest quality clothing expected to be used in any golf course around the world. There you will find the best brands (Bogner, Ashworth, Colmar, ECCO and more) in a vast diversity of colors, shades and models for men and women. Besides, exceptional gatherings and new articles to make you feel comfy and chic are sold occasionally.

Additionally you can pick everything you required to practice this sport. It includes the best clubs, balls of different styles, hats and caps to keep you away from the sun rays, gloves, tees, and adequate shoes with enhanced grasps on the green and spikes to help your move and avoiding slippery actions even if it is raining. Did you forget something? Umbrellas, sunlotion, deodorants, toothpaste, handkerchiefs, socks and more can be bought at any moment of your stay.

A wide and diverse assortment of articles of the highest quality and offered in the shop for you well-being and finest image. Moreover nice and well prepared personnel will help you to choose the best products at any case. But if you are not sure about keeping in this world, it could better for you to rent golf clubs. They are excellent class Taylormade trademark ones for ladies, gentlemen, left-handed golfers and even for kids.

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