Best golf clubs in Majorca

One of the biggest fascinations when choosing a sport as an entertainment activity is found in the general conditions of the facilities where it is practiced. The reason is that people want to experience clean, beautiful and well maintained spaces. Being cautious about the selection is especially important playing golf in Majorca, because the alternatives are very broad.

This locality is very attractive due to its natural characteristics, starting by the climate which is mild even in summer and winter. It allows practicing outdoor sports the whole year without being afraid of heat or cold impact. Majorca is a Mediterranean island close to the Spain coast that offers all expected and required services to the tourists: means of transportation, hotels, restaurants, diverse amusement activities and many golf clubs.

What should the best golf clubs of Majorca have?

The availability of courses on this region is immense, therefore the question that immediately rises is: which one is the best? What is the spot that combines the right ingredients to have a satisfactory round in the preeminent surroundings? There are some essential components that can help you decide where to go:

• Good location: it is necessary to be near main attractions such as beaches, shopping centers and museums. Also it is better to have good accommodation options on the vicinity. If you keep yourself one step away from things to do and see, you can take advantages of this sport and tourism combination very easily in your vacations.

• Perfect maintenance: a professional service is in the top of any field list. All greens and streets must show an exquisitely careful care so that each golfer can get the most out of his game and be delighted in the scenery. A cause of that the majority of the water traps around the world exist. They are made with the purpose of watering the grass.

• Spectacular landscape: Majorca has a gorgeous environment that many courses have taken advantage of. Search the one that will allow you to look at the ocean, the mountains and the countryside. The opportunity to enjoy the grove and mature vegetation along the complete round cannot be despised.

• A demanding field: the best designers have created the greatest Majorcan courses. They offer a special treatment for everybody from novices to experts and incorporate a variety of elevations and different obstacles and challenges from the total holes.

Did you know…? Alcanada Golf Club, designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., is just next to the sea and from most of its holes you can stare the island and the lighthouse which inspired its name. Its field length is naturally mixed with the typical landscape. They have a proficient team dedicated solely to guaranteeing spotless greens and the finest playing conditions. And be willing to use all your sticks to success!

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