We debate: Is golf a sport?

Is Golf A Sport?

One of the most vexing debates for any golfer is the argument that golf is not a sport. Competitive golf is a physical activity that requires skill and is scored, which certainly meets the definition of sport. The argument against golf as a sport, in my opinion, is based on limited or biased perceptions of golf and golfers.

We are going to talk to you about this today so that you can give your own opinion.

Golf is a game, not a sport

Golf is commonly known as a game. But to say it’s not a sport seems like brittle logic at best. While there may be discussions about semantics, a game is a physical or mental activity with rules played for entertainment. That means that all sports are types of games. The critical aspect of sports is that they are physical activities. To refer to a « game of golf » is not to admit that golf is not a sport. We have baseball and football games, but that’s never used as evidence to say they’re not sports.

1. Golf in the spotlight: Detractors will point out that most of the physical work in golf is just walking. Walking 18 holes, however, is usually around 5 miles, a definite physical exertion. Even using a golf cart, golfers still tend to walk more than a mile, and that all adds up to hitting a club dozens of times (putting excluded).

2. Golfers Are Not Athletes: The fact that golfers, even at professional levels, come in all shapes and sizes is often used as evidence that these competitors are not athletes and therefore golf is not. it’s a sport. This perception began to change with the rise of Tiger Woods and is further unravelling with physically impressive pros like Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau.

3. Golfers Can Still Compete When They Are Old: Nothing annoys me more about the “golf is not a sport” argument than some mentioning the incredible performance of Tom Watson, who came close to winning the Open Championship of 2009, as evidence in his case.

4. Golfers drink and smoke on the course: Similar to the “golfers are not athletes” argument, point to the fact that many recreational golfers drink beer and smoke cigars on the course as evidence that golf is not a sport. However, as a general rule, competitive golfers do not drink alcohol while playing, and for at least thirty years, smoking during professional rounds has also become rare. As you can see, the hypotheses that golf is not a sport lose strength. Golf is a sport in which you have to be well prepared psychologically and physically.

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