Club de Golf Alcanada increases online bookings for green fees

Following substantial refinements and improvements to our online marketing strategy total online bookings up to mid-April 2015 exceeds the number of online bookings for the whole of the year 2014.

Daily we read news in the press about the increase in online bookings of flight tickets, hotel rooms, even restaurants, but there has been very little coverage of progress made with online bookings in golf.

Almost 50% of the golf courses in Spain have already installed an online booking system that allows golfers to book their green fee at any time, from home or from work, without intermediaries. An increase of online bookings has many benefits for each golf course: increase the average income per green fee, make cancellations or reservations much easier, and in so doing reduce the number of telephone calls to the golf course, etc…

A very common mistake, following trends, it’s use one channel or another, such as SEO or email marketing in isolation which does not achieve the desired results. So to increase the online bookings, it is necessary to work in a coordinated manner with all sales channels offered by online and traditional marketing.

Club de Golf Alcanada, in Mallorca, is a real example of success. In just the first four months of 2015, the total bookings made in 2014 has been exceeded. A new website design and an online marketing strategy which combines the promotion in all sales channels, have been the main reasons for achieving these results. Thanks to the collaboration of Golfenred.

This is a big step for Club de Golf Alcanada on online bookings but this is just the beginning. The management expects that these results go on during the following years. And it will continue to pursue the same sales channels that were utilised last year.

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