The Club

The magnificent Alcanada Golf Club was designed by Robert Trent Jr. and opened its doors on 1 October 2003. Typical Trent Jones tricks, such as the 58 bunkers placed around the greens and fairways, difficult greens with hidden breaks, and demanding, but satisfying, tee shots, make this one of the best-loved golf courses by experienced golfers visiting Mallorca. This Mallorca golf course puts golfers through their paces as they face challenging moments of varied difficulty, often having to find their very best strokes.

Perhaps the most spectacular aspect of its design are the stunning views from almost every hole out over Alcúdia Bay. Alcanada Golf Club is the only golf club in Mallorca located right next to the sea. In fact, the Alcanada Island lighthouse, just 150 m off shore, has been incorporated into the club’s logo. Golfers can enjoy all the key points of the course and its wonderful views as they move from hole to hole practising their swing, a truly unforgettable experience.

As a sport, golf requires pure concentration and complete control over your emotions and feelings, meaning that harmonic surroundings are a key aspect to consider when choosing where to play. This golf course is built in a natural setting and its well-stocked shop is housed inside a building that is hundreds of years old. The course is surrounded by pure nature and populated by a wide variety of wildlife species and rare birds, best spotted in the early morning. The sound of the sea breeze mixed with birdsong helps visitors to switch off and improves their game concentration. We offer the perfect conditions to help you improve your game as you enjoy our facilities. All our buildings and amenities blend perfectly into the landscape, just like in a painting.

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