Welcome to the new Club de Golf Alcanada!

During the winter of 2018-2019 the course has undergone a significant renovation project, which has taken Alcanada to a whole new level.

Kristoff Both, director of Club de Golf Alcanada, says: “It’s a renovation that will allow our members and guests to experience an improved and unique golf day experience was attention to detail in the level of maintenance that this course and our golfers deserve.”

“Around seven thousand six hundred meters of irrigation pipes have been replaced to maximize the quality of the playing surface, while addressing the sustainability of course maintenance. Those improvements will make a huge difference to the efficiency of irrigation system, reducing the consumption of both, recycled water and electricity.

“As part of the project 14,000 square meters of state-of-the-art grass, both T1 and Bermuda, has been installed. These types of grass fulfil all the criteria for experienced golfers with high density and thin leaves, which are perfect for playing and cutting conditions. The new grass is perfectly suited to all local climates and it’s very resistant to disease.

“More than 1,700 tons of white Scylla sand has been used to renew all of our bunkers, which offers a better playability and maintenance.

“Along side the importance of the course aesthetics, Alcanada respects the natural environment and the history of the grounds for every step of the journey. Numerous old stone walls in and around the course, have been repaired in keeping with traditional authentic Mallorca style.

“This project was ambitious but it was necessary. Very good is not good enough at Alcanada and we are always aiming for perfection. Now the project is complete, we are confident that players will enjoy a unique and unforgettable golf experience at the new Club de Golf Alcanada.”

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