How to choose the best golf clubs: basic tips and recommendations

If you have already started in golf and want to get the most out of your level, it is essential to have a set of suitable clubs. Golf is a very particular sport, which tests the skill and patience of everyone who practices it. Therefore, it is essential to have a good material that suits your needs and game characteristics.

When buying your game of golf clubs, it is advisable to do it in a specialized shop of one of the golf courses in Majorca. It is essential to be well informed or advised by an expert or professional that takes into account both your physical characteristics and level of play.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the most suitable equipment for you:

How to choose the best golf clubs, tips and basic recommendations:

1- Do you already have experience? Then you need a golf fitting:

The fitting or analysis of the player, is a procedure that measures certain key areas that you have as a player and will give you precise recommendations that will help you find the most appropriate clubs for you.

The golf fitting should always be done by a professional and will be accompanied by a report that will give you clear signals about which clubs to buy, depending on your movements, physical characteristics and current handicap.

Important! The fitting must always be face-to-face, an online analysis will not be able to take exactly some important measures such as checking your movements when performing the swing.

2- Get a set of multi-brand golf clubs:

Unless you have a lucky brand or know that all clubs of a certain firm are the best for you, there is no reason to be so selective in our golf bag.

If you like irons more of one specific brand and other woods, you can combine them to your liking. Most likely, you get a richer combination that suits your game 100%.

3- Familiarize yourself with the use of each club:

Although golf clubs have countless details that vary the stroke, you must mainly differentiate between irons and woods. This will not only help you improve your time and reduce the number of shots, you will also know better what each one serves before buying them:

• Woods: They are used to make long strokes, those that make the ball travel a greater distance and those we use in the first strokes of each hole.

• Irons: They are easier to control and cover less distance than wood (between 80 and 180 meters). They are used for approximations.

To improve and overcome your rivals, not everything is the technique, you must get quality golf clubs to make better shots, have greater control and go much further with the ball.

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