The flora in Alcanada: The Pink Trumpet Vine

This month, Daniel Beltrán, gardener at Club de Golf Alcanada, talks to us of the “Podranea ricasoliana”, commonly known as pink trumpet vine or Pandora bush. It is a vine of the bignonias family from South Africa.

Daniel said: « It is a vine of woody and voluble stems, without tendrils. It is vigorous and fast-growing, widely used in gardening and landscaping. The branches cascade down generating a very decorative effect.

“Large pink flowers bloom at the end of summer and in autumn. Its flowers, which are bell-shaped pink with violet veins, are not fragrant, but attract insects like bees for pollination. Without tendrils, it cannot climb alone if it is not supported.

“All our visitors can appreciate this wonderful flower located next to the Koi pond of the clubhouse.”


The « podranea » genus comes from Pandorea, a genre dedicated to the woman of Greek mythology who owned the famous box that contained all the evils of man. The epithet « ricasoliana » reminds the Florentine politician, General Vicenzo Ricasoli (1814-1891), great lover of the exotic flora to whom the species was dedicated.

The family « Bignoniaceae » has its origin in the genus Bignonia L, which honors the memory of the French abbot Jean Paul Bignon (1662-1743).


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