The flora in Alcanada: the Bougainvillea

Daniel Beltrán, our gardener at the Club de Golf Alcanada, talks to us about the Bougainvillea or « Bougainvillea spectabilis », which provide such amazing colour around the club.

Daniel said: “It is native to Brazil and was named in 1798 by the botanist Philibert Commerson, in memory of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville.

“It grows as a woody vine or shrub, reaching up to 12m tall with alternate, simple ovate-acuminate leaves. It is an ideal plant for xeriscaping (landscaping that requires little or no water) and is very sustainable as it is tolerant to dry and salt areas.

“We have specimens in different areas of the clubhouse, but there are some that really stand out – particularly around the entrance to the changing rooms. There are some majestic specimens, which give us the vibrant, colourful blooms as pictured.”


“A curious fact is the flower and the colourful petals of the Bougainvillea are modified leaves called bracts. The flowers are generally small, white, and inconspicuous, and it is found inside the bracts. These work as protection and to attract the attention of pollinators.

“The plant is widely grown as an ornamental plant but also has medicinal use. It is a plant, which is used to combat respiratory diseases, coughs, asthma, bronchitis and influenza, etc. It has also been reported to have anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and other properties.”


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