Green Corner: Alcanada 2.0

Borja Azpilicueta, director of golf course grounds at Alcanada, tells us how the Alcanada renovation project has progressed, before the grand reopening:

“During the last three months, we have made a great effort to improve our golf course so now you can have a more satisfactory experience. The main objective of the project was to change the type of grass in all of the greens. Due to the salinity conditions of the irrigation water, we seeded with Bentgrass Sea Side II grass in 2008. Years later, luckily we have better quality water for greens irrigation and we decided to change to an improved type of Bentgrass.

« We have renovated the greens with the Tee1 variety that will provide better quality greens. This variety has a more vertical growth, more density and an intense green colour. With this change we intend to improve not only the style and care of the different holes, but also improve the game of our golfers.

« In addition, you will be able to appreciate some small change in the shape of the greens that will allow to have more flag positions.

« We have taken advantage of the situation to make other improvements, such as the sand in bunkers. After months of testing, we decided to switch to white silica sand, which is more aesthetically attractive and provides better playing conditions.

« We have installed 7,000m of irrigation pipes, 35,000m of cables and 8,000m2 of cement roads, to keep the grass of all areas in perfect condition for use.

« It’s very important for us to aim for the very best in terms of the quality of our course and the experience of our players – and both of these are very closely linked. We work to get our holes in the best conditions and therefore we decided to make this great investment of time and money.”

All the works have been carried out on time thanks to a great effort from a professional team, who were all committed to this great task.

From Club de Golf Alcanada we sincerely appreciate your understanding during this period and hope you enjoy the new improvements to the facilities!

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