Skimp comes to Golf Alcanada

From July, golf players who visit our pro shop can buy the belts that are trend for golfers in Europe. This is the new belt of the French brand Skimp.

These belts are made of recycled plastic and biodegradable material to sustain the environment. Both the material and design are unique and now all the people who come to play golf in Mallorca can get them.

As you can see in the picture are available in 20 different colours with length and width specific for men and women, a little thinner for women. All belts have the same length for an easy use for the customer; they can be adapted to each person simply making a cut.

The last feature that we would like to highlight is that they don’t have any metal parts so it is not necessary to remove it to pass airport controls, for example.

The price is 29,99€, and can be purchased at the Alcanada Golf pro shop.

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