Golf Guide Majorca

Golf courses in Majorca offer to players the best options in every aspect related to the legendary game. The list starts with the weather, which is in the region always perfect to be in contact with nature without feeling too hot in the summer or frozen in the winter. Sceneries are gorgeous in the famous island and the sights of the Mediterranean Sea make impossible to continue stressed after few minutes there.

Among the big amount of available alternatives, Alcanada Golf Club stands out for many reasons. It was designed by a renowned and experienced American architect Robert Trent Jones Jr. and in spite of being relatively new has been awarded in several occasions. It is situated at the north extreme of the island, near the sea and offers a great challenge to players, besides of spectacular views and well maintained facilities.

A brief description of the first 9-hole

This simple information associated to some holes could be useful for you when playing at Alcanada:

1. It is an interesting par 5 that can be attacked according to the golfer handicap by the fairway right side.

2. Par 4 again, it can be conquered from the same flank.

3. Don’t get confused with the No 3 (Par 4). It is only 335 m but could be illusorily difficult with a blind tee shot, which even is possible it passes the fairway bunker.

4. Par 3, it has a rising and falling complex green as all of them. You should aim to the left part in order to avoid an immense bunker. The position has the “honor” of being the only one does not let you staring at sea.

5. Par 4, your objectives are the two trees together with the sand obstacle to the left to escape from the water trap on the opposite side.

6. Par 3, grasp enough clubs on this occasion and be careful because there is a harsh hill downward chip.

7. Par 5, here you are going to enjoy a splendid view. The usual Trent Jones sand obstacle in the fairway can be defeated with the tee trial. Play slightly leftward and then direct yourself to the green with the second shot.

8. Par 4, welcome to the toughest one on the total course. In this opportunity the route is through the trees and the shot direction is upward.

9. Par 4, the problems here are the creek, the left side tall tree and a sand obstacle close to the landing zone on the right. Also, some pheasants have nested in the adjacent water trap.

To see the complete field characteristics, remarkable strategy details, beautiful pictures and real measurements download the course guide available at the website. For more information about next scheduled activities it is advised to looking for the calendar and going to the booking page to make a reservation.

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