Delighting golf holidays in Majorca

Going on vacation means changing the routine, relaxing and resting. However, there are activities that being part of daily existence is advisable to keep even in those non-work periods. The good news is that if you are planning to spend summer in the Balearic Islands then you can continue practicing with the desired periodicity golf in Majorca.

On the other hand, if you are an amateur but this sport is your life and you just wait for the first opportunity to play it or if you are a professional golfer, then holidays in this area are the perfect circumstances to enjoy yourself.

This is a region privileged by its location in the Mediterranean Sea, which has a warm climate in summer and moderately cold in the winter so your visit can be planned for any time of year. The course is next to the coast offering fascinating views of the Bay of Alcudia and the island of Alcanada.

What does the best golf club offer?

For children, young people or beginners, in general, individually or in groups, you can choose to receive classes improving your performance. The place has excellent instructors and programs that for a certain number of hours, several days a week train the novices or intermediate and develop to the maximum the advanced ones in this spectacular activity, including guidelines, game techniques and etiquette rules.

And you do not have to worry even a bit about language, because there are tutors of different nationalities and the lessons are dictated in the tongues most spoken by tourists in the zone: English, Spanish, French, Dutch and German.

The realization of events is also an option. Internal catering organization has the necessary training and experience to make you live unforgettable moments whether it is:

• Personal groups or international competitions with diverse amount of participants, from the most exclusive to the largest one.

• Private parties for miscellaneous occasions.

But, why playing golf is helpful?

If you are a person who is still asking yourself that question, who thinks this is a game for elderlies which does not report any profit, let me tell you that it is considered one of the most complete sports that produces physical, mental and social benefits. Among them:

• Improvement on visual, muscular and cardiovascular functions.

• Increase on motor coordination and balance.

• Capacity of staying thin due to a significant calorie burn, especially if you do not use the cart and load your own sticks.

• Reduction of stress and tensions caused by tedious, allowing a better nocturnal sleep.

• Stimulation of intersocial and business relationships.

In conclusion, you should begin or remain involved in the king sport this season while enjoying your stay in Majorca. For information on additional facilities, tournaments schedules, courses and others see Alcanada Golf site.

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