5 Tips that will help you play better golf

The first times we step on a golf course, everything seems like an odyssey to us, we see the most experienced golfers with handicaps that seem impossible, while we do not even know how to take the club correctly and our swing has much to improve.

But stress is unnecessary, we have all been there and most golfers will be happy to help you out with their knowledge and experience.

In this article we give you 5 keys that will guide you in your beginnings and that will prevent you from making some of the most common mistakes of any beginner:

5 Tips that will help you play better golf

  1. Be patient and practice

Golf is a sport that requires a lot of patience. A day at golf is never repeated, everyone is different; There are many factors involved, such as the weather, the conditions of the course, your concentration or level of play and many others, that make golf one of the most difficult sports to practice.

Nobody improves golf in a few days or by listening only to the advice of their peers; you should put everything you learn into practice and enjoy doing it. Practice makes perfect and this also applies on the golf course.

  1. Get the right equipment

A good set of golf clubs will make your life easier, of course you must know what each model is for and become familiar with them. The right tools make a huge difference to your swing and your level of play.


  1. Find a nearby golf course

One of the factors that will make you go assiduously and your degree of learning is higher is the proximity to a golf course in Mallorca, it is a very important key before you start playing golf, since you will advance faster, the more time you dedicate to this sport.

Most courses have a practice range, putting green … where you can hit some balls and practice different strokes.

  1. Go to golf lessons

Golf lessons are the fastest way to improve in this sport. Most courses have their own golf teacher who will help you improve your technique.

Find out about the schedules and the type of classes they give in your nearest course, the ideal is to take them as a moment of disconnection where you can enjoy while you learn. Try to take them in your free hours to have a clear mind.

  1. Know your handicap

The handicap is the average number of strokes you need to finish a round of golf. When you play blindly, improving is very difficult because what is your goal? What do you really want to achieve?

The ultimate goal of the best golfers is to lower their handicap and it is the goal that you should set yourself. Once you know your numbers you can work on them, any progress will be noticed and you will have a path and a defined goal.

Knowing where we are going is the best way to achieve our goals, almost always with the same effort or with less!

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