Alcanada introduce solar powered golf buggies

Club de Golf Alcanada is basking in the glow of a new solar-powered link-up with one of the world’s leading environmental technology companies, DAS Energy.

The stunning golf course in Majorca has teamed up with the Austrian company and fitted state-of-the-art, flexible solar panels to all of its buggies to harness the sun’s power and further reduce the club’s carbon footprint.

It’s the latest progressive step for the club and the solar panels will increase the range of the buggy by up to 35 percent before it needs recharging, while battery life will be extended by up to 2 years with the lightweight roof additions. The module’s biggest advantage is the light weight of 5.7kg which is realised through high-tech compound materials. As a positive result, the buggy’s centre of gravity is not negatively influenced.

Kristoff Both, director of golf at the club, said: “We all need to be more conscious about the environment and it is always at the forefront of our thoughts at Alcanada. DAS Energy is a professional company with a great product and we were keen to get involved with them. We are really pleased with the end result and it was a quick and easy installation process.

“As a club, we have eliminated the use of plastic straws, we will introduce bee hives to unused areas of the course and we will also be installing charging points for electric cars in the near future. They may seem like small changes but it all adds up and can make a real difference to the bigger picture.

“In Mallorca, the law states all golf courses must already use recycled water for irrigation but we are hoping others will follow our lead and look at some of the other ways to reduce our impact on the environment.”

DAS Energy’s innovative panels can be installed on the existing roof of almost any golf buggy on the market without the need for any special tools and the fiberglass-reinforced plastic modules are durable and robust.

And it’s the latest investment in the future for the Mallorcan favourite, which will undertake an ambitious renovation project to all its greens this winter as part of a stunning €600,000 revamp.


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