Golf park in Majorca – Enjoying the life in different ways

There are few sports that can be developed in a social group o by the family with the ability to entertain both adults and children at the same time. Also there are even fewer that are useful to improve interpersonal relationships and self-esteem, entirely combined with the power to increase health and body welfare. Without a doubt the best of whole of them is the golf in Majorca.

If you are wondering about the validity of such statement, I tell you it is completely true. Playing golf in Majorca is like being in a fabulous park where every amusing activity for kids, their parents and even gran-parents is conceivable. In addition, business people meet with new partners, customers or suppliers in a relaxing atmosphere out of offices.

What is special concerning a golf club?

Firstly, the fact those scenarios are beautiful; views are spectacular and landscapes are indescribable. Each hole is the opportunity to recreate the senses including ears that are given away with the field peace. For people who live in the cement jungle one period on a course is a great experience especially when it is surrounded by the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is particularly worthy for children used to spend the day in front of a screen. This way they learn to work with their bodies, improve balance and equilibrium and breathe deeply. At the end, the intelligence, attention capacity and memory will be enhanced notably.

Secondly, it is a healthy experience where cardiovascular system is exercised, muscles harden and lung volume is increased. If practiced regularly it is possible to lose weight, mainly following a balanced diet. Physical benefits are gained using a buggy but they can be exponentially augmented if you decide to walk the 18 holes carrying the bag of clubs.

Ideas to do in Alcanada Golf Club

While you are doing the round, your beloved ones can delight themselves in the impressing beach Aucanada at 250 meters only, tour to Alcanada Island with its lighthouse, go shopping to town or swim in the hotel pool. Diverse facilities are really close to the course. Together you can share a dynamic nocturnal life and several good restaurants. In the club each Thursday you can relish yourself with a fantastic 18-hole day tailed by a delicious barbecue.

There is a restaurant terrace on site too that offers the best of local and international cuisine. The professional shop includes everything a golfer would need made by very well-known brands and some items that could have been forgotten at home. Finally, in the academy, managed by an expert, you or your kids can be trained individually or in a group, learning in your own language more about this amazing sport which has space for everyone.

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