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When is it better to play golf, in winter or summer?

When we try and talk about the sport, we like the most, we never see obstacles to practicing it whenever we can. It is normal that if you play golf, are starting out or are already an experienced player, you have a certain predisposition or favouritism at a certain time of year. This happens to all of us, regardless of the game we play. For this reason, we want to clarify today certain doubts about the best time to practice golf. Now that we are in that change of time and weather conditions, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about golf in winter and summer, so that you can connect the dots and draw your own conclusions.

When should I play golf more?

Keep in mind that this also has a lot to do with the city you live in, since the north is not the same as the south, for example. You will have many more hot days if you play golf in Mallorca, than if you live in another city in Spain. Therefore, we are going to explain certain characteristics to you:


  1. All players always have an alarm in their head for the weather conditions that will occur the next day when they go to the tournament or they have to train. This is so, since in the same way it negatively affects the fact that the place is very cold or very warm. Both one and the other have factors that hinder our play.
  2. Without a doubt, the wind is one of the enemies of golf. You will have experienced it yourself, so you have to make lower shots if the air is against, and if it in favour you should hit higher.
  3. On rainy days it is advisable to wear gloves because we must play with dry hands, so that it does not interfere with our swing.

As you have seen, here are some of the reasons why cold is not a great friend to golf, but what about heat?

  1. Heat can also negatively affect our course. Since all areas will be drier and our ball may travel fewer meters.
  2. The humidity due to the heat and being close to the sea is also the cause of delays in our shots.
  3. For not talking about the high temperatures in which players have a hard time, between shots.

As you have seen, none of the two strongest seasons of the year are good for playing golf. But yes, you always have to know the conditions in your area and get used to them.