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Curiosities in the history of golf

When we like something a lot or we are lovers of a sport, we want to know everything from its beginning to the moment we find ourselves today. For this reason, we want to dedicate today's post to providing you with all the curiosities, anecdotes and stories about your favourite sport. In this way you will get closer to the beginning of golf and you will be able to better understand many more things about this activity.

What you did not know about golf

No matter for a long time that you have been playing this sport or that you have dedicated yourself professionally to playing golf, surely some of the following curiosities that we are going to show you, you do not know. Take note and write down your favourites, we have ours.

  1. Approximately more than 120,000 golf balls are hit each year on the 17th hole of the TPC Sawgrass, on the well-known and famous par 3 that is shaped like an island.
  2. Were you wondering about the longest drive in history? Well, it is about 470 meters, while the longest putt is 114 meters. Not bad at all, right?
  3. You may have noticed that the well-known Phil Mickelson is left-handed when he plays golf, but nothing is further from the truth, since he is right-handed. The reason he plays with his left is because he learned to play while watching his father in mirror mode.
  4. Speaking of odds ... Did you know there is a one in 67 million chance of hitting two holes in one in a round? Even so, don't stop trying, anything can happen in this sport.
  5. At the age of eight, Tiger Woods got his first hole in one.
  6. In hot weather, a golf ball travels many more yards while flying.
  7. You are wondering: What about the longest hole in the world? Well, this is hole 7 of the Sano course in Japan that measures about 831 meters.
  8. In New Jersey we can find another very famous 7th hole, which is that it has a gigantic bunker that is the largest in the world.
  9. Do you wonder why the golf ball looks like this? Well, you should know that it has 336 dimples on its surface. This is because they allow the ball to fly and stay aloft while on your way through the air. Now you know a little more about the balls of this sport.
  10. If we were talking about Tiger Woods before, the well-known Coby Orr was the youngest to make a hole, at only 5 years old.

Incredible, right? Surely your curiosity has awoken and you want to know more. Stay tuned to our blog because soon we will bring you more curiosities.