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What is a good golf teacher like?

There are many doubts that come to us when it comes to enrolling our children in a golf school or signing up ourselves to gain more experience. If we have not played in that place or we do not know the participants completely, it may be that we are not clear if it has a good staff of teachers or not. As happens to all of us, regardless of the level at which we want to continue in golf, we have to make sure that the person who is going to teach us is an expert on the subject.

Not all levels are the same, so it is important that first of all, you know what level you are at in order to enroll in a golf school or academy. For this reason, today we want to dedicate this post so that you know how to detect what the profile of a good teacher is like so that you know if you are with the correct one or, otherwise, you are not going to learn as you would like.

What should a good golf teacher have?

First of all, is to know the level that the teacher who is going to teach you must have. Surely you have your detailed profile on the academy file or the information is provided by the people at the reception. Next, you have to take into account the following characteristics that every teacher should have:


  1. Apart from knowing that you have an advanced level or the level necessary to teach the certain classes. You must have all the knowledge of the sport. It has to be a whole so that he knows how to explain each step and each shot well.
  2. You must have empathy and patience. Not all of us learn at the same rate, nor do we all know how to understand some things right away. That is why it is important that they know how to listen to you and know how to put themselves in your place. This way they can help you at all times.
  3. You must have a program scheduled for all classes; you must know what will be explained to you each day. All these topics have to be advanced as the largest group of people acquire the knowledge. The teacher should be flexible in all classes and repeat everything whenever necessary.
  4. Let it be noticed at all times that he has professionalism and knows how to explain everything you ask him. From having an internal planning to reaching an external one for all students.
  5. The ability to teach is the most important thing, since, if he does not know how to describe the concepts, you will not get to advance in this sport.

It is important that you have carefully analysed these four points so that you know how to detect from minute one, which is a good teacher and which is not. With these data you will be sure which person is the one who really knows and from whom you will be able to learn the most about this sport. Get started in golf or keep improving in order to reach the level you expect in the coming months.