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What do I have to take into account when studying a golf course?

Surely you have ever seen an important football match. You will have started to see it from the previous comments that are made to talk about the weather, the status of the team players, the coaches and even the football field. Before starting the players come into contact with the grass where they are going to play and observe the field carefully. The same happens when we play golf, it is important to analyse every detail of the field where we are going to make our best swings so that nothing escapes us and we know at all times the pros and cons of each corner of the place.

In case you did not know, it is important that you study the course before going to make your game, so that you know why it is essential and the reasons why you have to do it. We are going to tell you all the keys that you will have to visualize so that only by reaching the course you already have a few points of advantage. Let's see what you have to take into account when studying a golf course.


The keys on a golf course

Perhaps you have already played on that golf course and have seen it very much, or on the contrary, you face new holes and courses that you are completely unaware of. In each game you have to arrive prepared and know in detail each space of that golf course. What do you have to look out for when you go to play golf?

  1. Currently many of the golf courses have a virtual tour of the same on their website, find out if it has it to which you are going to go soon and visualize it carefully.
  2. If that golf course does not have the previous point, it is preferable that before playing the game you approach it and take a ride to know every detail.
  3. Take a good look at all the holes that this golf course has and the long distance to reach it. Write down all the data in your notebook so you don't lose any information.
  4. In the same way, it is important that you write down the obstacles that you are going to face at all times. Do not leave it in your head, make a sketch or a drawing to memorize them and have them well identified.
  5. Also if there is water or sand on either side of the course. Add it to your map of the course because if you miss that these parts exist, you can lose points at that very moment since your ball will stay there without advancing further.

There are many details that we have to preview before playing on that golf course. Study the grass, study the weather it's going to be, dedicate all the time you need to arrive better prepared than any of your rivals. It is a strategy sport that requires a lot of patience.