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The most common mistakes when choosing a golf club

When we start playing golf or when we have been playing this sport for a long time, doubts may arise as to whether we are holding the golf club well or not. It may be because we are just starting out and we are not yet experts on the subject, because we do not know what to use or because with the passage of time and so many games played, we take on vices that in the end make us take the wrong club. Normally, we tend to choose the wrong club that we have to use in each shot because we are not entirely clear about it. It is important that we always observe ourselves and know at all times what we do and the movements we use when playing golf.

So that this does not happen to you and from the first moment you know how to detect when you are doing it wrong and choosing the wrong club, we are going to give you a series of tips that you can count on in the day to day of your games. As you well know, golf is a sport that you have to spend many hours on and have a lot of patience to get to a good level. We are going to tell you the most common mistakes when choosing a golf club.

The mistakes to avoid when choosing golf clubs

To choose the right club you have to know the different conditions that determine whether one or the other is better. These points are the following:

  1. You have to take into account your height and stature to choose one or the other. This is so, because to make a good swing you have to have the club according to your size, if you are short, you will not be able to take a long one because you will have to make a sudden movement and the swing will not be successful.
  2. Not knowing or being doubtful about the head that we have to choose. In case you have just arrived and are starting in golf, we clarify that the head of the club is what determines the trajectory of the ball. Each one is for a certain type of shot.
  3. Choosing the wrong grip. The grip is what comes into contact between the golf club and the player who is going to hit. We have to choose it based on the two previous points, having the same criteria to get it 100% correct. Therefore, if the club is short, you cannot take a large grip and the same is true the other way around.

If you keep these three points in mind, you will have no problems and you will get the hang of choosing the best clubs for you. If you have doubts, if you don't know or even so it has not been entirely clear to you, you can support yourself and help you in the professionals that you have around and they will help you solve your doubt. Whether a swing succeeds depends on all the factors involved, from our movement to the flight of the ball, that's why ... Don't stop practicing!