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Golf: the best sport for the little ones

We all know that physical activity and outdoor play have a very important role for the correct development of children. This is why many parents, aware of its importance, take their little ones to practice sports such as football, basketball, and leaving golf relegated to the bottom. This is mainly due to the fact that it is a sport that is not practiced as frequently as these two named.

Now, that it is not such a widespread sport does not mean that it does not have multiple benefits for the little ones in the house. It is a sport that socializes, and requires developing strategic thinking and technique.

Benefits of golf:

  • Golf is a very complete sport in which the entire muscles of the body are worked. One of today's concerns is childhood obesity, which is why practicing this sport outdoors has numerous health benefits. It is ideal to spend a day playing in nature. In addition, it is a perfect sport to develop body coordination and balance.
  •  It is a family sport. This has the benefit that it can be practiced at any age, which makes it perfect for family sharing. It is not necessary to have any specific physical condition, we are all suitable to play golf. In addition, this sport, learned from childhood, will lead to much greater progress in adulthood than if it began to be practiced in adulthood.
  • It is a low-risk sport, this is because it is not a contact sport, so serious injuries, especially at an early age, are very small.
  • Golf is an activity that allows you to socialize and learn values. In addition to the benefits of this physical activity, it is also very useful when it comes to developing strategies for relating to relationships and makes it possible for you to become friends with other players in a good environment. In addition, children who play golf improve their ability to handle emotions, learning with their good and bad shots. On the Green you learn integrity, discipline and camaraderie.
  • Helps improve concentration and logical thinking. During the tour, the player has to reflect on what will be the next best step to take depending on his strategy. All these mental manoeuvres develop a logic that can be extrapolated in other areas of your life. In addition, it is clear that it is a sport that requires patience and concentration.

Promotes ethical values ​​and camaraderie. At an early age it is of fundamental importance that children learn ethical values. This makes it possible to follow the rules of the game, which are:

- Respect, since the golfer has to be respectful with other players and with the environment itself. These basic gestures are essential when developing civic behaviour.

- Honesty, because it is one of the few sports in which you are your own judge. You have to know the rules yourself and apply them to your play, including the corresponding penalties. This message is the opposite of the competitiveness that reigns today, and it is a very necessary cure of humility and authenticity.