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Golf, a safe sport in times of the Covid 19 pandemic

One of the first sports, perhaps the first, to make the official announcement of its return to routine activities was golf, a specialty in which distances between people are kept much more than other sports.

The very dynamics of sport, of walking from one place to another, the open course, and the few people involved in the action, has greatly favored adaptation measures to be less traumatic when the calendar continues to unfold.

In the clubs, since the month of May, at least in Spain, the opening of courses had already been given with many recommendations. However, the organizers of professional competitions immediately worked so that the circuit suffered the least impact and the players occupied the golf courses.

From there, social distancing will not be a problem. Now you must carry your own buggies for traveling in pairs and, of course, as a preventive measure, the mask between transfers and when talking near the player, in the case of a golfer-caddy.

Cleaning and disinfection

The common areas on a golf course will now be treated under a strict cleaning protocol that is done, literally, every time a pair of players advances from one hole to another.

In many clubs, gel dispensers have been provided and in many the use of ball cleaners has been eliminated, in addition to closing the changing rooms to avoid larger crowds. The food and restaurant area is barely enabled, with all the recommendations used in the hospitality industry.

Those who close at certain times do so with the commitment to activate the cleaning group so that everything is ready for those who will go to play the next day.

No public or celebrations

What will change all sports activities, up to now, is the presence of the public at tournaments. This is part of the measures that have been standardized around the world to stop any type of contact and contagion.

In the case of golf, as already mentioned, you will not be able to shake hands at the end of the game. A salute from a distance will suffice and, as in the old days, bow your head and touch the tip of the cap as a sign of respect among gentlemen.